In a City of over 8.9 million people, I’m still fascinated by the people that visit it, pass through it, run it and especially those that inhabit it…

It takes nothing more to walk through the crossroads of the City, Times Square to view that cross section of people. As I often do, I walk through Times Square, heading to Grand Central to find may way home.

On this journey, the Square was packed. The sounds of laughter, sirens, screeching brakes, and music filled the air. It drew me to two separate dance crews entertaining the crowds….

But it was the sound of a piercing guttural scream that garnered my attention. It was both ominous and funny at the same time…it came in and out sporadically. I had to follow the sound and as I did, I saw this face. When I did another gut wrenching sound came from the “face.” People scattered, people laughed, people pointed, some passed without so much as a “by you’re leave.”

The “face” then let out a laugh that was in total contrast to everything I heard prior…was it she saw me capturing her? Did she see me smile at her, I don’t know…but I hope so…as I moved around, I could still see her as she let out a bone chilling scream. Sending a family (guessing tourists) running. I had to laugh…

I stayed there a few more minutes, I waved goodbye…and on my walk to Grand Central, I kept thinking about her “face” in the crowd. What was her story? Was it a show? Was her the only sane one out there amongst us? I don’t have the answers.

What I do know, I made a connection. There are so many faces in the crowd and often times, they are invisible. We walk right by, step over, push away, don’t make eye contact and we silently judge.

So, tell me, where did our collective humanity go?

Can we find it?





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