I love what I do...not sure how many people can say that, but my hope is that "everyone" would be the answer. 

so, welcome to my first blog post...not my first one ever but the first one here. my first blog "a view from the couch" was all about NASCAR. Yup, you read that right...in the same vein that I'm a "cheese whore", I'm a NASCAR one as well...I guess that's a blog for another day.

today, I'll just introduce myself, I'm Vanessa, my friends call me "V" and I'm a hyphenate, act•or•pho•tog•ra•pher. each passion informs the other and I'm grateful and blessed that it worked out this way. 

fair warning, there may be some cross pollination going on in here...that's a good thing! till the next blog when my wan•der•ing soul takes flight!!!💗