she did•nt know she was beau•ti•ful…

So, I showed her.

This is Mary.

I met Mary as I was walking back from Gelson’s supermarket. In LA as a first time delegate for the SAG National Convention. Since we were staying in Beverly Hills, one thing I knew, I wanted to get some provisions…having lived in BH many moons ago, I knew where I could get some food on the cheap (all things being relative in 90210.)

Walking back with camera in hand along with my provisions, I was absolutely, snap happy … I stopped and talked to many people on the walk, but Mary…she was special. She was carrying maybe six or seven bags with her. At first, I saw her from a distance, and I went up to her and asked, “may I take your picture?”

She said, “I’m not beautiful!” I snapped an image and showed her. She said, “I’ve never had my picture taken.” Well, now you have…she smiled. She asked, “are you from here?” I said, “no, from NY, out here for the SAG Convention.” We talked about our journey's in life as we stood at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and the Avenue of the Stars.

Somehow, we started talking about church and if I went. She then said, “Are you a Christian? You must be a Christian.” I said,  “yes, but why?” She said, “you have a lovely energy, I too am a Christian.” She then started digging into her purse and took out money….

As some tourists passed by, they looked at me then her and tried to figure it out. I said, “no, I’m good.” She, said would you please put it in the offering plate.” I said of course and I will say a prayer as well. Then she asked if I would send her the picture, absolutely. She then said, I’m from New York and I still have family there, I went to Hunter College and studied bio chemistry.” That’s awesome, we spent more time talking about her family and life…she thanked me and asked if I'd join her for dinner. I said, I'd love to, but unfortunately had to decline because I was on a convention schedule.I thanked her for her kindness and wished her well, she did the same.


No judgement.


Mary you are a beautiful soul and I celebrate you…




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