she just kept looking...

Hanging out the day after Abbi and Hunter's was definitely beach day. Not that I'm the biggest fan of the beach, but sunsets on the beach...that's just magic.

Alas, didn't have a chance to capture that...but Lord knows me and my camera stayed busy. So, the next day when most were hung over, we headed to the beach...but first food. We stumbled upon this lovely bakery and bread shop. You can tell that's where the locals go to hang.

I must have taken hundreds of pictures in this place....but this women, I'm not sure why I noticed her... didn't see her enter, she was already seated at her table.  But, I noticed her. Was it her appearance? Her silent gaze? Her presence? She just kept watching my friends and was unsettling at times.

Then she got up to leave after some time...she stopped and said, "enjoy, what a lovely camera...such a lovely day..."

I guess we are all watching and maybe slightly judging...

and just maybe a look is just a look...




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