this place. 30 rock. is good for what•ever ails you

You can’t help it… once you hit the Line you surrender. The choice is always yours… but if you dare to come in, leave your baggage at the door and just live in the moment.

The chants get to you, all of a sudden your body that may have had a few aches and pains, start to loosen… you have a little more giddy up in your step… you see someone, they see you, you crossover and the hugs ensue… it’s all good, we’re used to it here at The Rock. People just walk around and keep on stepping… Of course until Dance Break.

Yup on the five we TURN AROUND… and dance… Ezra, somehow knows just what to play at that exact moment…it’s your time to “bust a move”… and do they. You have to understand we are all out there fighting for what is fair and what is just. 70 days we’ve been at it and our WGA siblings 143…

The Chanter’s, wow! I’m always in awe… they have style, they have flair… and so much dang energy! My body is still feeling the pulse…. I just want to thank the staff, the captains and most importantly you my Union siblings for being there rain or shine… 

We see you.

We celebrate you. It’s what we do… 

Nothing but Love on The Line here at the Rock! 

Now let’s pump up the volume!!!!

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#wgastrong #sagaftrastrike #solidarity #loveontheline