Professional photographer and actor. The way I approach character is also the way I see them. Individual. Special. Sometimes crazy. Often funny. Always a secret. Never any judgement. I just live to tell your story... and some of my own. From my minds eye into the lens...let me capture your moments. The moments that started it all...I remember my dad with a Pentax (film) camera in his hand as I grew up in Upstate New York. That's where my love of capturing moments began...I knew it was something important and special because we had a dark room in our house...my dad taught me both form and function of a camera and how it can change a person's point of view. It was never about capturing just a pretty picture it was always more than that...it was breath. I guess that's what I try to do every time I pick up my camera...whether it's the running and passing game of football, the pulse of a city, the serenity of nature or the pure essence of the people who choose to "live in the moment." Are you ready?